Granny Tales 101: Chapter 1

I thought a lot about what could go up as the first anecdote. The problem is, you can never pick just one incident that is close to your heart. So I’m just going ahead with the first one that popped up when I began writing this.

When I was a little child, I was always excited about excursions. My school used to plan day-long picnics to amusement parks in the city. I wasn’t, and I’m still not, a huge fan of these parks because I get dizzy on rides. The only thing I enjoyed about the outing was munching on snacks and being with my small group of friends, who fortunately never made fun of my fears and still chose me as their ‘excursion partner’.

More than the D-Day, the night before would be exciting since dadi would be all geared up to take me to her favourite supermarket and buy me all the goodies for the trip. She would say, ‘Buy whatever you like and take enough. Don’t go hungry, don’t accept food from strangers and eat well.’ And from there on there was no stopping her. Our shopping trolley would be brimming with Jim-Jam packets, Smiley Cream biscuits, special animal-shaped biscuits, Lays packets, Kurkure, Jujupes (soft, chewy, colourful sugar-filled munchies), chocolates of different shapes and sizes and even a small mixture packet. She would insist that I keep myself hydrated and so buy me everything from tiny bottles of cool drinks to buttermilk, flavoured milkshakes and juice tetra packs. A lollipop was a mandatory item that couldn’t be left out.

Back home, she would help me pack everything neatly in my tiny backpack. She’d give me a bunch of tissue papers and wet napkins; all in the name of safety. All this while she continued her list of instructions on not leaving the group, sticking with the teacher and well, sharing food (I don’t know how willfully I followed the last one).

She took so much interest in the tiniest moments of life that you often wonder how a person can be so doting. But then again, you remind yourself that, it’s a job only sweet old grannies and grandpas can do faithfully.

Chapter 2 coming up soon! Stay tuned, guys!


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