Talk by international author Bea Johnson on Zero Waste Lifestyle

Chennai: A tiny glass jar containing a retainer, bristles from a bamboo toothbrush, laminated trip itineraries, kitchen cabinet bumpers, bits of photo paper and a few other things – this is all the waste that is produced at the house of California-based Bea Johnson. It amounts to a ‘mere pint of trash per year’ (roughly 473 grams). Johnson and her family adopted the Zero Waste lifestyle a decade ago.

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Celebration isn’t always the sound of uncorking wine bottles or bursting firecrackers. Sometimes, the excitement and joy is best felt in silence as seen in the quiet conversations of Riya Mariam’s family. Away from the world of sound, they communicate through signs. Their hands move in quick gestures, eyes widen and lips gently break into a smile after learning that Riya had topped her school in the Class 10 state board examination. The 17-year-old student of Little Flower Convent Higher Secondary School for the Deaf, Chennai, never let her deafness come in the way of her dreams. Continue reading