You’re All Caught Up

I was scrolling through memories on Facebook – posts about a first movie, a school excursion with friends, a ‘jazz-hands’ picture with college mates and a photo from a wedding with a friend I’m not in touch with. I pause at the last picture and once again, think of how everything changed. But soon, I scroll further only to have Facebook tell me, ‘You’re all caught up!’. You’re right Facebook. That’s what I am. Caught up.

Caught up in my thoughts.

Caught up in my work.

Caught up in my art.

Caught up in my imagination.

Caught up in my memories.

But are you really surprised at the last one? I mean, literally everyone is so keen on telling you to remember the past. From ‘On this day’ pictures to ‘From Archives’, there’s someone holding your finger and taking you down memory lane, getting you to scroll further, walk farther and perhaps, lose your way back? We’re busy revisiting our ‘filtered’ lives while trying to filter our memories.

Our successes from our failures

Our quarrels from our patch-ups

Our firsts from our lasts

But it isn’t that simple.

And you know why?

‘Cause memories bring back memories bring back you.

10 things to get your Mom this Mother’s day

If you’re looking for a lovely present to get for your mom, then we have a curated list of things that she’s bound to love. From quirky doodled mugs to doodled photo frames, handmade beaded jewellery to some striking accessories – we’ve got you covered. It could be her birthday, her big day at work, mother’s day or just a normal day when you feel like gifting her something special, we promise you, you’ll find not just one but many unique presents at The Phoenix Company.  We share 10 things that you can shop for this Mother’s Day.


Our newest product is now here! An adorable photo frame with doodles all around that captures all the fun memories & moments we share and will continue to share with our mom. The original designs make you reminisce the good times. We promise you this is a gift she will cherish!

RANGE: Rs. 600/- onwards (Excl. of GST & Shipping)



We have some really cute doodled mugs that you can get for your mom that celebrate the superwoman that she is! There’s even one with a comic strip that’ll make her giggle. Get them here.

RANGE: Rs. 300/- onwards (Excl. of GST & shipping)



Handblock printed Ajrakh stoles and dupattas on cotton, mul cotton and modal fabrics coming in earthly hues are the ideal buy for your mom this summer. These soft fabrics with beautiful ethnic motifs which have been carefully and painstakingly handcrafted by artisans make for thoughtful presents.

RANGE: Rs. 650/- onwards (excl. of GST & shipping)



When a gift is thoughtful, unique and cruelty-free, it’s definitely a winner! The Phoenix Company brings you a range of handloom sarees made from alternate fibres that are cruelty-free and animal friendly. There are cotton, linen, natural fibre and ahimsa silk sarees which are handwoven with exceptional handiwork. These sarees will be a novel addition to her collection.

RANGE: Rs. 1300/- onwards (Excl. of GST & shipping)



Handmade beaded jewellery with vibrant colour combinations, charms and pendants are something every mom would like. Shop for some lovely anklets, necklaces, earrings, sets & bracelets right away. They are unique as each piece has been handcrafted with love and have striking colour combinations.

RANGE: Rs. 75/- onwards (Excl. of GST & Shipping)



If you’re wondering if this is a little boring as a present, you’re missing out on a lovely collection of kanta hand embroidered kurta materials and salwar kameez sets that come in a variety of colours. There is also a limited edition collection of kurta materials in natural fibres with jamdani work.

RANGE: Rs. 850/- onwards (Excl. of GST & shipping)


Vacations call for shopping and we bring you some wardrobe specials for this summer. From long, flowy, umbrella skirts to ethnic palazzos, kurtas & pants, contemporary ikat dresses to smart kalamkari jackets – you can choose from a wide range of apparel to gift your mom.

RANGE: Rs. 1150/- onwards (Excl. of GST & Shipping)


Ethnic purses, mobile pouches and compact storage kits make for nice, pocket-friendly presents. These purses & pouches made from art silk are useful to take to weddings and can accommodate the cell phone and other basics. The purses are versatile and can also be used to store trinkets or cosmetics, stationery and even your passbook! The storage kits is a compact kit to keep your hard disk, pen drive and cables and carry in your bag. It’s an ideal organiser if you’re looking to have a mess-free handbag!

Rs. 150/- onwards (Excl. of GST & shipping)


There ain’t nothing like a quirky doodled t-shirt that doubles up as your outfit for workouts, beach hangouts, pajama days and more! Gift your health conscious mom a lovely tee(s) from our quirky bunch. They come with original designs & doodles and are most definitely unlike any other!

RANGE: Rs. 400/- (Excl. of GST & Shipping)


We have a variety of hand block printed Ajrakh bedsheet & pillow cover sets that are exquisite and bring an ethnic look to your bedroom. There are also some elegant cushion covers in subtle hues that will add a beautiful look to the living room. As for the kitchen, there is a collection of table napkins and coasters. Art prints, artsy coasters & our famed Madras-themed notebooks are some of the other presents we recommend.

Shop away at 🙂

I sat there, looking out of the window

I sat there, looking out of the window.

My head leaning against the wall

The glass pane stretching from the corner of my eye to meet the length of the door, 4 metres away.

Without any effort,

I could see the tops of trees,

Greens of different shades –

Sap, emerald, viridian and olive

Swaying to the song of the gentle breeze.

I couldn’t hear the rustle but I could see the dance,

Feeling like the deaf lad at a performance until

The sound of a blaring car horn

Shifted my gaze to the street beneath.

You could feel the Saturday morning,

No one had to be anywhere by 9,

And no one had to pack lunches before 8.

There were just a couple of cars whizzing past

And an impatient bus driver following behind,

A man on a vintage scooter calmly riding on the wrong side,

A 20-something swiping through his phone while walking on the cemented footpath

Shop shutters were going up somewhere,

A black dog lazily roamed around a parked auto,

Two men were sitting on shabby plastic chairs and talking,

I could see one of them was growing bald from the centre

A lady was holding her bag of groceries and walking past,

A bunch of straws had already piled up near the coconut vendor,

Half the day was almost over for some,

While it had just begun for the others.

I sat there, looking out of the window.

What I learnt from 2017

It’s the last day of the year and I am filled with bittersweet emotions. It was a year of many ups and downs. I don’t know if the latter outnumbered the former or the other way round but then again, that’s what this year left me feeling. It left me with this lingering feeling of ‘I don’t know’, a certain uneasiness about the uncertainty but also a bit of excitement about the future.

The year gave me way too many lessons. Its not like I’ve figured out everything yet. But guess what, it’s alright. You don’t need to have everything figured out. You don’t need to know if you stand on the blacks or the whites; you can just squat on the greys for a while more. The world will give you nothing but advice – some well meaning, some not very. Some that you want to hear, some that you don’t but need to. You’ll feel like shutting yourself up and at the same time, pouring your heart out. It’s alright. Breathe. It’s going to be okay. No one knows how but everyone knows it will.

Dilemmas will play havoc inside your head. Suddenly, everyone around you is keeping it together but you’re falling apart. You can’t figure out right from wrong and even your instincts give you the ditch. You want to let go and you fear the future regret of not holding on. It’s alright. It’s still going to be okay. There will be a time in life when you just stare blank not knowing where you’re heading and who’s going to hold your hand tomorrow to keep you from falling, or even worse, while you’re falling. And that’s  also alright. At the right moment, everything will make sense.

If there’s anything I’ve learnt this year, it’s this: nothing is constant. Not the people, not the misery and definitely not the bonds you share. But what can be constant, are faith and patience. Somewhere, somehow, at the right time, the faith in the higher force, in your inner self, in your God, in your teacher, will guide you through. It may not instantly put the pieces of the puzzle back together but it will give you the strength to get through the chaos.

We need to be trusting in the workings of this universe. Nod your head when people tell you that everything happens for a reason. But take your time for you to accept that knowing the reason will take a while. People often tell you that if things don’t happen the way you want them to, it’s good. There’s a better plan in store for you. It is hard to swallow this bittersweet truth but drink all the water you need, to make it go down. It will be a lot like the pungent medicinal cure to your ailment called sadness.

In the end, what you do, is your choice. It may not always be what you were advised to do. Choose what makes you happy as long as you aren’t unethical and hurting others. Listen to your conscience and your voice of reason. Act and speak when you’re calm.  Hope for the best and it will all work out.

As we embark on another journey this new year, let’s remember that the goodness in us will always shine brighter than the darkness that envelops us. Let’s remind ourselves that people change, sometimes even for the better, and we need to embrace that. But most importantly, we need to know that miracles happen everyday and you’re not an exception to being blessed with one!

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Hello everyone!

Happy New Year! 🙂

2016 has been a busy year. I rarely got time to post content only for my blog except in the last few months. But this year, I promise to be more regular. Many of you have written to me saying that my content is thought-provoking and worth a read. There is no greater joy than having my readers write to me with positive feedback.

So to ensure that all of you have a little something from me more often, I have downloaded the WordPress app. I can now upload snippets and short travel encounters. It makes traveloguing a lot easier too.

I’ll be beginning with some tit-bits from my 2.5 week-long Euro-trip in 2016. What I did, where I went, who I met, what I ate (or rather managed to) and my experiences. If you’re planning a trip there, I hope my travel journeys will be of help to you to avoid the mistakes I made and at the same time, relish the pleasures like I did.

Hope you have an amazing year ahead! Keep reading 🙂 A big thank you for your support 🙂

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They say that change is constant. But who’re we fooling? Uncertainty is.

It hits you like a cloud burst on a summer morning,

Leaving you numb, shaken and motionless,

Plunging you in blinding darkness.

A parched tongue,

A lump in your throat,

A stomach churn,

A sinking boat.

When the rosy pink turns to a pale white,

You wonder, if it finally was,

Worth the fight.



The unwanted visitor

Who knocks at your door,

To tell you blatantly,

Family is one less than four.

You pause, you stagger, you scream, you fall,

What’s that you said about standing tall?



Its destiny playing an unfair game,

Forcing you down memory lane.

Taking the road back to home,

Asking you why you live alone?

Urging you to cut the distance,

Trying hard to knock some sense.

Bringing you back to family and friends,

Making you wonder if it had to end?