The last few weeks have been quite tough. I lost my grandmother and death is seldom a welcome visitor or shall I say, never a welcome visitor. Dadi, as my sister and I fondly called her, was very close to me (and the whole family, but I’m going to stick to my personal account here). She’s seen me grow from a baby who could barely mouth words to a journalist and designer who runs her own company. And she had a huge role to play in it all. Her absence has created a void that can never be filled – not in my home, not in my heart.

A large part of my life revolved around her. She pampered me all the time and whoever visited us would know in an instant, that her granddaughters were her life. Everything she did, was for us. And so, every small thing in the house can leave you feeling nostalgic for hours and you’re left with moist eyes that fail to dry easily.

She lived a full life and passed on peacefully. And yet, it will be years before we can come to terms with it, if we ever do. But a few days after she left us, I decided that the best way to keep her alive in my memories was to write about all the happy memories I shared with her. A small incident, a major turning point, a smile, a cry, a giggle, a tiff – remembering dadi through the person she was, is perhaps, the best tribute I can pay to her.

Might I add, she was always fond of my writing and so I know, that somewhere she’s smiling looking at me write about our stories.

I hope to pen down short anecdotes regularly, in no particular chronology. You can write back or comment with incidents that you share with your grandparents. I suppose it would be a lovely way to celebrate the sweetest bunch of people you’ll ever meet in life – your grandparents.

Wait up for my next post, guys!

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