This has been the longest break since I started writing these chapters. The last three months of 2017 saw me fill my plate with work, work and more work and that culminated in an ailing wrist [perhaps, not the best adjective, but for now, it’s alright].

I have a couple of stories planned already and I have been wanting to pen them down for a while now. Today, I decided to wait no longer. So here it is! It is a short anecdote but I assure you it’ll make you smile just like it made me.  Continue reading


Granny Tales 101: Chapter 10

I seem to be starting every post apologising for a delay in updating my blog. I have tried hard not to make it a habit but I seem to be failing at it. So from now on, I shall not apologise but assure you that my posts won’t be too regular but they will definitely pop up once in two weeks. So stay tuned for them!

When I narrate today’s anecdote, you’ll probably get an idea as to why my posts get delayed. A busy schedule is solely responsible for it apart from a very serious writer’s block that persisted for way too long. But without further delay, let me plunge into telling you one of the sweetest stories of all times.

When I was working as a journalist in a newspaper organisation, my professor from my postgraduate college wondered if I would be interested in taking up part-time teaching. I had to teach the software used for designing newspapers to print journalism students. I contemplated on it for a while for I was unsure if I could manage that along with my long hours at work. I had just started to get used to the routine [which was already taking a toll on my health] and I didn’t think I could juggle the two. Strangely, just a few days after the mail arrived, one thing led to another and my department changed to from editing to reporting office. This meant my timings were slightly different, giving me room to teach. So, after consulting everyone in my family, I agreed to become a teacher. I kept my boss informed and all was well as one schedule, fortunately didn’t interfere with the other in any way. Continue reading

Granny Tales 101: Chapter 9

Our workshops are finally over so I should be able to write a little more frequently. It’s a warm, bright Sunday morning and I am up relatively earlier than usual as I barely sleep much these days. But today, I woke up with a more positive vibe than the past few weeks and that makes me happy. So I thought why not pen down my thoughts about dadi? I’m beginning my day with a sweet anecdote. Continue reading

Granny Tales 101: Chapter 8

Hello there! Moving at a rather slow pace this month with all the workshops that we are conducting. But can’t deny that dadi is always at the back of my mind. The tiniest of things remind me of her and after a smile you just tear up thinking that those moments will never return. What keeps you going is knowing that it all happened. She gave us a repository of memories that we can cherish and smile about so that she lives on in our life even after her passing. Continue reading

Granny Tales 101: Chapter 7

A hectic week has ensured I don’t write frequently. This month is bound to be that way since we are conducting art workshops in Chennai.

Since that is the primary thing on my mind at the moment, today’s story is about Dadi and my studio. My studio came into existence only since May this year. It was all my dad’s plan. He wanted to make a space for it and gallery too. And once Papa has made up his mind, there is no looking back. Nothing can change his decision. In hindsight though, most of these decisions have been for the better making me eat a humble pie. Continue reading

Granny Tales 101: Chapter 6

It’s been a long busy day but I can’t deny that Dadi quietly returned to my thoughts in the brief pauses I took.

So today’s story is about dadi and my love for elephants. From my childhood, I’ve been a fan of elephants. I suppose I find them to be very cute, plump and sensitive animals. My house is filled with all things elephant – from fluff toys to earrings and even clothes. My liking for it is so great that they’ve become a regular feature in my doodles. Continue reading

Granny Tales 101: Chapter 5

This one took a while to come. Apologies for the delay. But I promise to be more prompt than I have been.

Today I talk about dadi and my piano lessons. Writing about this was unplanned but it seems like the best thing to relive at the moment.

My tryst with the piano began way back in second grade. My mother had seen a small newspaper listing for classes nearby and thought it was something interesting for my sister and I to learn. Our class was in a crammed home where the piano took up all the space in the room. But as kids we didn’t seem to bother. We were captivated by the instrument and the beautiful music one could make from it. And so, my sister and I took an instant liking to it and learnt fast. What began as a short summer camp eventually blossomed into a full-fledged class that saw both of us appear for Grade examinations by the Trinity College, London for nearly 6 consecutive years.

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