36 days of type – Mosaics

Hello! I know I’ve been irregular in updating my blog. But here’s some good news. I’m doing the @36daysoftype challenge. I’ve chosen mosaic art as my theme. Take a look at my work on my Instagram page www.instagram.com/phoenixinindia/

The challenge (how I can it) involves a visual representation of 26 letters of the alphabet and numbers 0 to 9.

Mosaic art is not easy when made by hand. It requires immense concentration, effort and patience. But the end result makes it worthwhile. Do take a look at some of my work!


Nature doing its magic yet again!

So here is what I did on my second day in Singapore.

When you’re on vacation, you make it a point to wake up late. No hassles, no deadlines and best of all, no work. Well, at least as of now. So we woke up well past 9. H’s aunt and grandmom has whipped up some delicious cheese and capsicum sandwiches for breakfast. We ended the meal with their signature hot cup of tea. After lazying around, we decided to plan our day. Finally we decided to visit this breathtaking place called Gardens by the bay. We left after a sumptious meal prepared by sweet old granny whose enthusiasm and energy is quite inspiring.  Continue reading


It gives me great pleasure in telling all of you that my company’s website is finally up. You can now show online with ease and choose from a variety of products. My doodles are available as products too. There are beautiful ikkat jackets, traditionally-made Ajrakh stoles and a lot more in the store.

It will be great if you guys can take a look and pick something that you like!

Here is the link:



#Veganuary: Day 6 (all meals)

Meeting deadlines have kept me from writing regularly. But today I am going to finish writing the remaining portions of my tryst with vegan food. 

In the morning I had dosa again. So I’m going to skip writing about how it just makes life easy for a vegan when they love dosas.  

Lunch was a normal south Indian combination. There was rice, sambhar and curry. You miss your dollop of ghee on rice but when the food is hot, it’s really not that big a sacrifice. 

Mom, dad and I stepped out for dinner. We went to a rather well-know vegetarian joint in Besant nagar called Eden. They have continental dishes and Indian specialties. They have an impressive new menu. The Podi vegetable uttappam (recipes of which can be found online) is a new addition. So my mother and I ordered one each. 

We asked them to make it as crisp as possible. It was garnished with green capsicum, finely chopped and finger-licking podi generously smeared on the top. All this put together almost always gives you a burst of flavours in your mouth. 

Do try it out next time!

#Veganuary: Day 5 (All meals)

It was Sunday. But I woke up rather early since I had a presentation to make. My mother made some crispy, hot dosas. This time I ate it with some dry yellow dal from this quaint restaurant in Alwarpet, Meena Tai’s. It’s got a nice spread with a cuisine that is completely different for the South Indian palate. I’d say, step in there and experience the refreshing flavours of authentic Maharastrian delicacies. 

I had a friend come over for lunch. So my mother made a bunch of pooris to go with a potato-onion-tomato gravy. It was splendid. Eating it while it’s hot is an unparalleled joy. 

Since some of these pooris were left. I decided to eat them for dinner. While my mother and I pondered over what vegan recipe we could dish out, we had our Eureka moment when we thought of making tacos out of pooris. 

So that’s exactly what I did. I put a base of vegan pesto, topped it with chopped tomatoes, put a slice of vegan cheese on it and slipped it into the oven. Once out after 25-30 seconds, I put some spicy potato chips on it for the added crunch. I recommend that you try it too. I think that the joy of making something new all by yourself, is what makes the whole process all the more exciting. 🙂

#Veganuary: Day 3 (All meals)

I’m going to keep this short. It may become a little repetitive. But anyway, here goes my next post. 

Breakfast was dosa again. But my mother whipped out some spice-filled, authentic coconut chutney to go with it. The combination can never go wrong. If you haven’t already tried it, give it a shot. 

For lunch, the meal was simple but special. My mother made some pulao. It’s a mixed vegetable rice that is a dish in itself. Slightly different from the Paella in Spain, but very much similar in appearance. Sometimes you even add some cinnamon to it. It adds a unique flavour. There was salad as well with juicy tomatoes, onions, radish and carrots seasoned with lime. To add a little twist, we ate it with crispy Yam chips from our local chips store – Ganga Hot Chips. He has some good varieties of chips that you need to try out. Well, it was a healthy meal, indeed. 

Incidentally, day 3 was also my grand aunt’s birthday according to the Indian calendar. We usually buy her, her favourite sweets and savouries. This to round, we were determined to find vegan versions of them. And we succeeded. 

We found many websites that sell vegan items. One such site is Terra Earthfoods. They have a a good collection of vegan snacks, breads, sweets and chips. We ordered the kaju (cashew) katli. It’s not made with ghee. But with almond milk. They come packs of 6. The pieces are big. But what’s more important is that they taste no different from their milk counterparts. Just a slight, negligible aftertaste. But otherwise, it’s good to go. And completely satiating the sugar craving for vegans. 

We also got a pack of Brown rice thattai. It’s crispy and makes for a a healthy evening snack, especially since it’s not made with all purpose flour either. 

Do check out their website. They have an online store and three walk-in stores in Chennai. Their variety is impressive.

I must confess, a vegan diet comes at an expensive price. But it’s worth it when you’re doing it for the ethical reasons. 

The dinner menu saw dosa soda creep it’s way in again. This time with podi. 

Hope you’re liking my posts. Do write about your experiences in the comments section. 

See you tomorrow!

#Veganuary: Day 2 (Breakfast, lunch, snack time)

Day 2: Breakfast, lunch and snack time.

Sorry for a late posting. There was too much work today. Anyway, here is today’s update.

Breakfast was podi dosa again. No change there. I am a killer for crispy, hot dosas and can have them for a lifetime. 

For lunch, we had a combination. My sister ordered some salad from Subway. It had only the mustard sauce and a little bit of chilli. It was healthy and delicious. 

My mother prepared phulkas (rotis) and cauliflower curry. It was thin gravy with peas and tomato. It is tangy and spicy and when paired with rotis, it leaves you asking for more. Then I had rice with yellow dal.

While I was full till my nose after lunch, by snack time I was again scrambling for something in my kitchen shelves. My sister and I then had multigrain bread with vegan Tomato pesto and vegan cheese. The pesto and cheese was a gift from some German friends. I am hoping to find them in Chennai too. 

Well, that’s all for now! See you soon!