Ink and paper

Ink and paper

Hello! Take a step into the world of neighbourhood and local news reporting. Ink and Paper provides you with interesting news stories from Chennai. Restaurant openings, upcoming projects, local problems, theatre festivals, workshops, human interest stories, native customs and festivities and the list goes on. If it is new, if it is newsworthy, if it is engaging, you will find it here!

Ink and Paper will also have some stories from across the globe which are notable and worth mentioning. These could include blogs, travelogues, book reviews or even personal experiences. So follow us and keep abreast of what’s happening!

Finally, a note to all our readers out there. Your support is truly valuable and your suggestions and comments can lend new perspectives to the story. If you believe your views can provide more insights, then feel free to share them. Ink and Paper looks forward to hearing from you.

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