A personalised post has been long pending and it has been almost a year since I got down to writing something that was close to my heart. Perhaps, a newsroom does that to you? You write so frequently that when you need to pen down your thoughts in your diary, your brain just says, “Give it a break,will you?” and you obediently follow.

So I decided to pamper my creative side, which has served me pretty well in the last 10 months, especially with nerve-racking deadlines and unexpected demands, with a much-needed holiday. The poor thing has hardly any creativity left to differentiate even crimson from red. That led to me taking my parents’ offer on going on a lovely vacation to Yelagiri and staying in the Sterling resort – Marigold – a beautiful name, indeed.

To all my readers out there, a heads up to stay tuned to my blog as I vow to share tit-bits from my trip for the first time ever. It will decisively not be a diligent travelogue but a rather informal one where you can get a glimpse of me through my tiny vacation.

The Yelagiri series begins!

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