Day #1: Chennai to Yelagiri


Cause it is holiday time!

We left from Chennai on Tuesday. And my imaginative half of the brain knew that I wouldn’t let it work in peace till the last minute on Monday night and well, in that case, I must say it knew best. I churned out an article for the paper at jet-speed, relatively at least, since I was in the mood for vacation and I hadn’t packed yet. I then returned home after a meal outside, and started packing.

Here is what I dumped in my bag first, as I consider them my essentials for a getaway. And if you’re an art lover, then these would be your favourites too.

  1. A notebook
  2. Pencils
  3. Eraser- that small one which you’ve been lazy to replace
  4. Pens – Microns? My new favourites.
  5. A ruler? Well, that’s optional. I like hand lettering so I take it along.

And then you have the reader in you to please. So here is what you carry.

  1. A book – well-written, gripping and engaging. Preferably one that you would read with that yellow bedside light on, well beyond midnight. I have taken Archer’s novel from the Clifton Chronicles – Mightier Than The Sword. I must admit that it isn’t as interesting as its predecessors but if you’re an Archer-admirer than you’ll still flip the page.

The best part about vacation is reading without a hassle. Sip your coffee, stretch your legs, lean back in your chair, watch the trees from the balcony, hear the frogs croak and feel the chill breeze through your hair. Bliss is at your doorstep and there isn’t an evil deadline waiting to murder it.

The last two essentials are a comfortable pair of short shorts to feel all summery and good about being able to kick out the ‘formal dresscode’, to show some skin and feel the sun just a little.

Lastly, some soothing music on your mobile phone or ipod will add to the bliss. Every trip of mine has a characteristic song that plays on loop throughout the journey. Somehow I don’t get tired listening to it even for 4-5 days. Last May when I went to Pondicherry, the song was Bezubaan from Piku and this year round it is Hone Do Batiyan from Fitoor. The piece is soulful and Nandini Srikar and Zeb Bangash have lent it a rather traditional tune, which is why I enjoy it.

I dunked these things in and then put in everything else. Next morning we left for Yelagiri around half past 8. We broke our record of starting late by being punctual. But fate knew that tradition is best kept and so it gave us a stepney puncture, which delayed us by a good 45 minutes.

After a stop for breakfast, we embarked on our 5-hour journey which magically came down by an hour as the roads were empty. Then we zig-zagged our way up the green hills and spotted hungry monkeys looking at us with curious eyes. The temperature went down a notch and our ears kept popping. And finally, we reached Marigold.

That’s all for now, will keep you posted with more. Watch out for the next post!

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