Indian weddings - Mehendi

Indian weddings – Mehendi

Weddings are happy occasions. Indian weddings are more than just happy occasions. They are the epitome of true love, entertainment, tradition, culture and fun. I’ve been longing to write this piece for a while now. Somehow, I always feel that given the nuances and complexities of an Indian wedding, I am sure to miss out on one of the best moments. Nevertheless, I’ll try my best to do justice to this post and of course, to Indian weddings.

The best thing about being a guest to Indian weddings is that one gets entertainment at all times. My article highlights the most common experiences that each of us have in these weddings.

Weddings are a time where one reunites with family and friends. But, like me, most of you would have noticed, there are certain characters in both these categories (i.e., family and friends) that starkly stand out and serve as perfect amusements.

To begin with, there will be this one aunty who will always notice what you are wearing. She is the sole reason why you remember to wear that extra gold bangle or tie your hair in a bun or sometimes, even wear a bindi. If you forget even one, you might just invite an expression of shock as though the world has shattered into pieces or a long, unwanted lecture on ‘’the youth these days you see..’’.

Next, we have the typical potbellied uncle/family friend who will never remember what you are doing. Their memory of you is stuck studying in class 12 or class 10. Fascinating indeed, how we always remain young year after year.

There’s always that one family you are close to since childhood. They’ll usually be the best company in the wedding. Not just because they are fun to talk to but simply because you can poke fun at the other guests together. Also, it is the only time you become nostalgic and go down memory lane, laughing about little things you did together as children. Sometimes, cousins who you’ve grown up with are a part of this circle too.

The next is the most common – The nosy relative. She’s overly eager to know about when your wedding will be even if you are just 20. And mind you, she’s definitely looking for an alliance for her son or daughter if she continues on the topic for more than three minutes.

I have one unique character to add to the list. That one person who is completely clueless about courses on design, art & writing and glares at you for choosing a course that has no future. His expression of disapproval is so evident that you know he has titled you dumb for not choosing engineering.

Moving on, we have the gossip mongers – that little coterie of aunties and grannies who discuss who did what where, the most scandalous affairs in the family and so on. They are quite occupied by it and somehow, they love repeating themselves.

Little children could be quite a sight in weddings. Emotions towards them can vary from utter annoyance to unparalleled adoration. The annoying ones are those who scream and keep running around the place, while you carefully try to manage your saree and the plate in your hand, worried that something might spill. The adorable ones are those who silently sit in a place and gaze at the whole crowd wondering what they are doing there in the first place and occasionally smile and laugh when elders try amusing them.

Have you ever visited a wedding and seen a woman more decked up than the bride herself? Yes, it is quite a common sight. Many a time, my sister and I have ended up congratulating the wrong person. Quite embarrassing I must say. But it keeps you laughing for a long time. There will also be this one lady with a saree that would hurt your eyes – with colours of green, orange and pink or an overdose of gold that could be blinding.

The old thatha paatis are the cutest. They are stationed in one place, continuously showering blessings over the youngsters who come to say hello. They are the only ones who know every relative, their family history and family tree. Also, they truly enjoy the wedding for the essence of it. From the proceedings of the ceremonies to the food and the music, they love it all. They’ll be the happiest people in the hall – smiling and shedding tears at the same time.

Next is the one bunch of youngsters who are obsessed with taking pictures, especially selfies. Enough said I suppose.

Yelle saapad - Food served on Banana leaf

Yelle saapad – Food served on Banana leaf

Finally, the food. More often than not, it is the food that acts as a bribe for attending a wedding.  Whether it is the traditional ‘yelle saapad’ or a reception buffet at a five-star hotel, good food is the best bribe. Actually more than half the guests fall under this category, including me. Just a few moments after wishing the couple and chatting with friends, they move to the food counter. Undoubtedly, the variety in the menu is remarkable – a minimum of two sweets (payasam and gulab jamun, an added bonus of chakkara pongal at times), rice, sambhar, dal, rasam, more, biryani, kurma, poori, raita, potato curry and, well, the list goes on. Noone can eat it all but they want it all.

While I write about each of these people, I assure you that they are the best parts of an Indian wedding. Without them being them, an Indian wedding isn’t the same. They make us laugh apart from giving us a bunch of memories to cherish after the wedding.

I would like to add that Indian weddings are undeniably the best way to celebrate the love and union of two individuals. With all its ingredients, from dressing up to meeting family and friends to hogging on delicious food, it has it all. In the end, everyone has a good time and for the couple, well, there’s no happier feeling than celebrating the most important moment of your life with all your loved ones.

I hope this piece brought a smile to your face and made you recollect similar incidents. Here’s hoping you and I continue to enjoy the bundle of joy that comes with ‘’The Big Fat Indian Weddings’’.

(The people mentioned in the piece refer to no particular person. This post does not wish to hurt the sentiments of anyone, but simply give a good laugh to those who read it. Also, if you wish to add any incidents apart from the ones mentioned, please feel free to comment.)


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