We’ve known each other since the time I learnt the alphabet. He’s heard me sing my rhymes animatedly and I’ve seen him zoom around the classroom with a Hot Wheel car. He’s poked fun at me combing my Barbie’s blonde curls and I’ve teased him about his WWF cards and Pokemon tazos. But before you go all ‘awwww’ and assume that this is the beginning to a cute love story and bring out the popcorn to hear it all, I’m going to burst your bubble.  He isn’t my boyfriend but my guy best friend. And before your narrow mind brushes it off as being the same thing, stop. Guy best friends exist. They belong to a species different from boyfriends. And their life span is always longer than your romantic relationship.  Continue reading


Indian weddings - Mehendi

Indian weddings – Mehendi

Weddings are happy occasions. Indian weddings are more than just happy occasions. They are the epitome of true love, entertainment, tradition, culture and fun. I’ve been longing to write this piece for a while now. Somehow, I always feel that given the nuances and complexities of an Indian wedding, I am sure to miss out on one of the best moments. Nevertheless, I’ll try my best to do justice to this post and of course, to Indian weddings. Continue reading