Eat, Love, Pray. But that’s a cliche. We like being different. And when we design, we design with a message.

Eat, Drink, Shrink is for all you food-lovers out there. Don’t give up on all the burgers, pastries and samosas that keep you happy. But well, don’t forget to munch them with a bowl of salad.

Eat, drink and well, shrink a bit. This bright yellow tee is waiting to be added to your wardrobe. 🙂

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D 9-02

Bad day? Mood’s off? Well, add a tinge of humour and wear this tee that expresses what you are feeling. Well, almost. 🙂

I’m MOO-ED off! Is a one-of-a-kind tee that is a must-buy! Hurry! Order soon.

T-shirt colour – Grey melange.

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Fraterniti t-shirts!

Is it really utopian to dream for a better world? A thought for a better Earth is a beginning to change. What better way to say it than a t-shirt?

For further details and order placements just inbox us on our facebook page – The Phoenix Company – asap! Or send us an e-mail with details on the size and design you’d like.

Sizes available: S, M, L, XL

Colours: Available in navy blue and black.

Cost: Rs. 330 per piece + shipping costs.

Asli Aesthetics Notebooks!

You can now buy our notebooks online 😀 Just click on the link below and order 😀




Notebooks from Asli Aesthetics. Elegant and classy designs. These Wiro-bound notebooks are perfect for doodling, writing, scribbling and sketching! Get one soon! Just comment below to place your orders 🙂

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Notebook details.

Unruled, A5 size, Wiro bound, unruled.

Cost: Rs. 100 per piece.