I Baked A Mango Cake & Guess What Happened

Mango cake. Delicious, isn’t it? In this scotching heat, devouring a lovely slice of mango cake is nothing short of heavenly. And that’s why I thought I should whip one up for my sister’s lockdown birthday.

I had seen the recipe well in advance and bought the ingredients (arranged for the mangoes as well!). I’d even bought the cream for the icing to make it extra special. It looked like a simple, doable recipe so I said, ‘How hard could it be? Let’s do this!’

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It’s December. What do you look forward to? Christmas? Vacation? Home? Celebration? Parties? New Year? Friends? Family? Of course. But there is one breed of people in India who don’t think of any of this. They have no choice but to wait till perhaps, mid December to even spare a thought for one of these things. 

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