Would turquoise go better with pink?

Would turquoise go better with pink?

Hmm, I’d have to think

And let that thought sink

Oh, look we’re already heading nowhere

I’ll soon have nothing to share

You see, I’m actually better with prose

That’s the way it goes.

But I’ll still give it a try,

So tell me, where was I?

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Time – a timeless mystery

My best friend recently asked me to give her a quote or proverb on time. I proudly doled out a series of them, “Time heals”, “Time and tide wait for no man”, “A stitch in time saves nine”. And she retorted, “Can you give me something positive?” And that left me speechless. Every other proverb that crossed my mind from then on was largely negative. I found it strange. I googled a bit and didn’t find anything wholly satisfying. It didn’t bother me much then but it definitely lingered on in my head. When you’re having a rough patch, such things quickly seep back into focus and tend to eat into your thoughts more than you’d want them to.

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