Did you ever think that slapping yourself could actually keep you healthy? Well, some say that it works! Read on to find out!

CHENNAI, March 26: The five-day workshop on a Chinese self-healing technique called Paida Lajin,held at the TAG VHS Diabetes Research Centre, has shown positive results in the participants, according to doctors, staff nurses and participants.

Derived from classical Chinese medicine, Paida Lajin is a self-healing method promoted by E-Tao founder Hongchi Xiao.  Referring to it as an effective, simple, safe and universally applicable method in his book, Paida and Lajin Self-Healing, Xiao describes the technique as, “(…) the “simplest healing method”- Paida (patting and slapping the skin to draw out toxic waste in the body) and Lajin (stretching to make the body flexible, to cure diseases and to enhance overall health.)”. Lajin is practiced on a wooden bench called the Lajin bench. Continue reading