36 days of type – Mosaics

Hello! I know I’ve been irregular in updating my blog. But here’s some good news. I’m doing the @36daysoftype challenge. I’ve chosen mosaic art as my theme. Take a look at my work on my Instagram page www.instagram.com/phoenixinindia/

The challenge (how I can it) involves a visual representation of 26 letters of the alphabet and numbers 0 to 9.

Mosaic art is not easy when made by hand. It requires immense concentration, effort and patience. But the end result makes it worthwhile. Do take a look at some of my work!


Chennai: Heart-shaped balloons and red roses have become clichéd expressions of love. This February turn to ancient poetry to express your affection. The Madras Mag is launching Kurunthokai by S Ramachandran – a collection of poems from the 2000-year-old Sangam literature on love, loss and separation at the Makers Market at Lalit Kala Akademi on Friday. The book with handmade illustrations is one among many handcrafted products that will be available at the fair. Continue reading



I climbed up the staircase. On my way up, I saw a lovely set of yellow lampshades decorating the white wall on my left. A beautiful lady dressed in hues of kumkum red, holding an instrument in her hand, adorned with traditional jewellery lent the lampshade an ethnic tinge. There was something about the decor that made me like the place at once.

As I climbed further, I reached a corridor. I turned left and found the glass door that opened into the world where I believe I belonged. I pushed the door and entered. Wooden cabinets with glass doors were lined in a row. One glimpse at what they housed was enough to tell me that the next hour was going to be spent there. Continue reading


So here is a little something that I would like to share with my followers. I have a page on facebook with some really nice stuff on it. With illustrations and cool designs being a part of it, I am sure all of you would be keen on seeing some of it.

I have thought about writing some posts on the stuff that is on it. To begin with, it is a perfect blend of traditional and western. An amalgamation of social messages given out in style. And everything is designed keeping the customer in mind! To get a glimpse of it, just click on the widget that says “The Phoenix Company” on the side bar and explore! Watch out this space for more! 🙂


Street Art in Alwarpet, Chennai by Joyston Christopher Vas

Art in Chennai by Graffiti Artist Joyston Christopher Vaz

When you walk through the streets of Chennai, it is hard to miss the street art that colour the walls. From bold Tamil slogans to portraits of politicians, Chennai exhibits a different culture of street art. The concept of street art or graffiti has evolved over time in every aspect. Themes, motivations, mind sets and tools have changed with time. Interestingly, street art in Chennai is a perfect blend of the traditional with the modern and the local with the global.

While Chennai’s streets have a long way to go before they leave their mark on the canvas of street art across the world, it is fast developing and competing with cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. Continue reading