Writing, designing, drawing , painting, scribbling and doodling open up a world of imagination that is otherwise absent in this world that is bogged down by rationality and pragmatism. The arts – by which I primarily refer to writing and designing and not the performing arts (simply because I have not been deeply involved with them) – have always fascinated. There is an enthusiasm that comes with it in different ways at different times. Recently, I had a dissertation to submit and I seemed to be excited to design the cover page. Thinking up minimalist ideas or making unusual connections to put out something unique is something that drives me. It needs to have colour, imagination, craziness, ingenuity and meaning. It needs to be bizarre yet coherent. It needs to mean something to everyone and yet, there should be something that puzzles the viewer. Such is the beauty of art and writing. So I decided to compile a set of things that only and only an artist can empathise with or relate to. Well, maybe other professionals can, but I’d like to believe that we do it best. Subtitles are a bit of a cliché so I’ll just stick to tiny paragraphs. Continue reading