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Like many of you know, I am an illustrator and a designer. I design under the banner of The Phoenix Company ( I make doodles, design graphic tees, ethnic jackets, mugs and other stationery. We also have handmade jewellery and stoles. Our stuff is unique, niche and known to win hearts. We ship across India!

So, if you are looking to get some quirky stuff into your life, then head over to our site!

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I Baked A Mango Cake & Guess What Happened

Mango cake. Delicious, isn’t it? In this scotching heat, devouring a lovely slice of mango cake is nothing short of heavenly. And that’s why I thought I should whip one up for my sister’s lockdown birthday.

I had seen the recipe well in advance and bought the ingredients (arranged for the mangoes as well!). I’d even bought the cream for the icing to make it extra special. It looked like a simple, doable recipe so I said, ‘How hard could it be? Let’s do this!’

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36 days of Type

This year, the theme I chose (albeit after much brainstorming and overthinking) was my childhood dreams. When we were children, there were so many many things that we dreamt of becoming in life. From professions that were made up in our heads to genuine ones we never ended up becoming and a handful that actually got us to where we are today, my series revisits our crazy aspirations. Maybe it’ll remind us of a happy memory, motivate us to pursue them now or just go back to it as a hobby. Continue reading

The Hospital

Musings and snippets about a rather unexpectedly long hospital visit. They’re short but not always sweet. And they’re published like a Sunday daily – once a week, except for a few special editions in between.


I remember listening to a line in a movie that said that the airport is one place where a person can see different emotions at the same time. For some reason, that line stuck on. And it came back to me when I stood in a hospital corridor, outside the Operation Theatre. The OT was on the same floor as the labour ward. In that moment, the hospital mirrored the airport to me. Grief, fear, joy, anxiety and relief seemed to exist all in one place. It’s sometimes hard to believe that all these emotions could change in a split second when the doors of the OT opened. Hopefully, for the better.



I had just got off the ambulance and was waiting for some of the bags to be shifted to the ward from the Emergency Room (ER) waiting area. There were three rows of seats and not one of them was empty. I decided to stand in a corner. I wondered how many people could be facing an emergency at the same time and end up in the same place. I saw a young man give up his seat for an elderly couple limping towards him. There was another couple that was just coming out of the ER. The man had a white bandage on the side of his neck. His wife insisted he get a haircut. It would make him look and feel better, she said. He didn’t seem too impressed by the thought and was more eager to get back home. I couldn’t agree more. A few minutes there and anybody would want to. Every person there was doing only one of three things – waiting to hear an update, talking to another loved one on the phone or discussing the gravity of the situation with the person next to them. It was fascinating to see how quickly one picks up medical terms when one’s own is affected by a condition. It was a strange place with a vibe that was unsettling.

Until that moment, I knew I wasn’t particularly fond of hospitals, ambulances or emergency rooms. But after that moment, I was sure that the ER is most definitely not a place I’d visit if I was looking for a ray of hope.


Father’s day special: Fun notebook for dads!

Here’s a lovely product for Father’s day! Read more and shop away at 🙂

The Phoenix Company

Fun Notebook For Dads!

This year, let’s spend some quality time with our dads. The Phoenix Company brings to you just the right medium for a quick and easy way to make time in between our hectic routines. A four-part owl doodled notebook with fun activity sheets in between. The book, when opened has a  photo frame on the left and a thank you letter to your dad on the right.

The frame is a perfect way to remind him of your favorite family photo and the letter besides it is an expressive piece portraying all the wonderful things you love about your dad. The book contains 200 unruled pages held together by a wiro-bound. The glossy activity sheets with motivational snippets are sure to inspire your dad to take a little ‘me-time’ and get creative.

There’s a doodled activity sheet after every 25 pages!

  1. The ‘Let’s do this’ list 

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Gifts for the secret Superhero

The Phoenix Company

Our dads are our superheroes in disguise. They are always ready to put on their red cape and swoop in to save the day. Whether it’s a bad day at school or work, whether is a small dispute with mom, or whether it is simply an excuse to go on a spontaneous outing, our dads know exactly what to do. They seem to be the silent whisperers of the house, keeping secrets, sharing stories and knowing exactly when we need a pep-talk!

This father’s day, remind all those superheroes how important their role in our life is. Without them, as kids, we would never have learnt to believe in the impossible, never tried to work harder than we do, and never believed that a little magic can be found even in the darkest of times.

The Phoenix Company brings to you two very special mugs for our very special dads.

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The process of Ajrak block printing

The Phoenix Company

Traditionally, in Rajasthan, Ajrak printing required various stages of dyeing with the help of natural material-based dyes. The most common colours used for Ajrak printing are Indigos and blues. These dyes are painted on carved wooden blocks which contain intricate designs and patterns. Earlier, this process required professional wood carvers, but over time and due to a larger demand for the product, a lot of men and women artisans have acquired the skill of wood carving and block printing.


  • Step 1:

The cotton cloth is thoroughly washed to rid it of starch, by soaking it in a solution of camel dung, soda ash and castor oil. It is then spread out and kept overnight. By the next morning, the cloth is semi-dry and the process is repeated once again. The process takes place about 7-8 times until the cloth foams when rubbed. After this for a final time, it is…

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Know your fabric: Ajrak block printing

The Phoenix Company

Ajrak printing is a unique form of woodblock printing technique that originated from Pakistan and neighbouring Indian districts of Kutch in Gujarat and Barmer in Rajasthan. Ajrak printing is embedded into the culture of Sindhi people owing to the traditions of the ancient Indus Valley Civilisation. Just as block printing, the process of Ajrak printing begins with designs expertly hand-carved into wooden blocks before being dipped in dye and printed on fabrics primarily of cotton and silk. Source: Secrets to creating the perfect Ajrak print

The term Ajrak is derived from the Arabic word ‘Azrak’ which means Indigo or blue. This reflects Sindh’s historic reputation as a dominant producer of indigo dye and illustrates the extensive use of the indigo shade of blue in traditional Ajrak print, which is still common to this day. The essence of Ajrak printing comes out with its intricate designs of motifs which mainly symbolise…

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A doodled mug for Mother’s day!

The Phoenix Company

Ever thought of surprising your mom with breakfast in bed?

Your mom, who takes care of all your silly tantrums, bribes you into doing work with an extra piece of cake, cooks your special meals and pampers you when you’re having a rough day. She’ll laugh at all your silly jokes and support you, always vouching for your innocence!

You’re in luck, because The Phoenix Company is here to save you this Mother’s Day. Gift your mother a cute doodled mug, celebrating your beautiful relationship with her and making it as personal and as useful as possible.

Transforming this mug into her special needs: 

  1. A good old coffee mug: 


This Mother’s Day, a little breakfast-in-bed pampering is a must. Luckily, we have just the right mug for you to make a steaming hot cup of coffee for you mom. This mug will instantly remind her of that little secret…

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10 things to get your Mom this Mother’s day

If you’re looking for a lovely present to get for your mom, then we have a curated list of things that she’s bound to love. From quirky doodled mugs to doodled photo frames, handmade beaded jewellery to some striking accessories – we’ve got you covered. It could be her birthday, her big day at work, mother’s day or just a normal day when you feel like gifting her something special, we promise you, you’ll find not just one but many unique presents at The Phoenix Company.  We share 10 things that you can shop for this Mother’s Day.


Our newest product is now here! An adorable photo frame with doodles all around that captures all the fun memories & moments we share and will continue to share with our mom. The original designs make you reminisce the good times. We promise you this is a gift she will cherish!

RANGE: Rs. 600/- onwards (Excl. of GST & Shipping)



We have some really cute doodled mugs that you can get for your mom that celebrate the superwoman that she is! There’s even one with a comic strip that’ll make her giggle. Get them here.

RANGE: Rs. 300/- onwards (Excl. of GST & shipping)



Handblock printed Ajrakh stoles and dupattas on cotton, mul cotton and modal fabrics coming in earthly hues are the ideal buy for your mom this summer. These soft fabrics with beautiful ethnic motifs which have been carefully and painstakingly handcrafted by artisans make for thoughtful presents.

RANGE: Rs. 650/- onwards (excl. of GST & shipping)



When a gift is thoughtful, unique and cruelty-free, it’s definitely a winner! The Phoenix Company brings you a range of handloom sarees made from alternate fibres that are cruelty-free and animal friendly. There are cotton, linen, natural fibre and ahimsa silk sarees which are handwoven with exceptional handiwork. These sarees will be a novel addition to her collection.

RANGE: Rs. 1300/- onwards (Excl. of GST & shipping)



Handmade beaded jewellery with vibrant colour combinations, charms and pendants are something every mom would like. Shop for some lovely anklets, necklaces, earrings, sets & bracelets right away. They are unique as each piece has been handcrafted with love and have striking colour combinations.

RANGE: Rs. 75/- onwards (Excl. of GST & Shipping)



If you’re wondering if this is a little boring as a present, you’re missing out on a lovely collection of kanta hand embroidered kurta materials and salwar kameez sets that come in a variety of colours. There is also a limited edition collection of kurta materials in natural fibres with jamdani work.

RANGE: Rs. 850/- onwards (Excl. of GST & shipping)


Vacations call for shopping and we bring you some wardrobe specials for this summer. From long, flowy, umbrella skirts to ethnic palazzos, kurtas & pants, contemporary ikat dresses to smart kalamkari jackets – you can choose from a wide range of apparel to gift your mom.

RANGE: Rs. 1150/- onwards (Excl. of GST & Shipping)


Ethnic purses, mobile pouches and compact storage kits make for nice, pocket-friendly presents. These purses & pouches made from art silk are useful to take to weddings and can accommodate the cell phone and other basics. The purses are versatile and can also be used to store trinkets or cosmetics, stationery and even your passbook! The storage kits is a compact kit to keep your hard disk, pen drive and cables and carry in your bag. It’s an ideal organiser if you’re looking to have a mess-free handbag!

Rs. 150/- onwards (Excl. of GST & shipping)


There ain’t nothing like a quirky doodled t-shirt that doubles up as your outfit for workouts, beach hangouts, pajama days and more! Gift your health conscious mom a lovely tee(s) from our quirky bunch. They come with original designs & doodles and are most definitely unlike any other!

RANGE: Rs. 400/- (Excl. of GST & Shipping)


We have a variety of hand block printed Ajrakh bedsheet & pillow cover sets that are exquisite and bring an ethnic look to your bedroom. There are also some elegant cushion covers in subtle hues that will add a beautiful look to the living room. As for the kitchen, there is a collection of table napkins and coasters. Art prints, artsy coasters & our famed Madras-themed notebooks are some of the other presents we recommend.

Shop away at 🙂