You’re All Caught Up

I was scrolling through memories on Facebook – posts about a first movie, a school excursion with friends, a ‘jazz-hands’ picture with college mates and a photo from a wedding with a friend I’m not in touch with. I pause at the last picture and once again, think of how everything changed. But soon, I scroll further only to have Facebook tell me, ‘You’re all caught up!’. You’re right Facebook. That’s what I am. Caught up.

Caught up in my thoughts.

Caught up in my work.

Caught up in my art.

Caught up in my imagination.

Caught up in my memories.

But are you really surprised at the last one? I mean, literally everyone is so keen on telling you to remember the past. From ‘On this day’ pictures to ‘From Archives’, there’s someone holding your finger and taking you down memory lane, getting you to scroll further, walk farther and perhaps, lose your way back? We’re busy revisiting our ‘filtered’ lives while trying to filter our memories.

Our successes from our failures

Our quarrels from our patch-ups

Our firsts from our lasts

But it isn’t that simple.

And you know why?

‘Cause memories bring back memories bring back you.

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