The process of Ajrak block printing

The Phoenix Company

Traditionally, in Rajasthan, Ajrak printing required various stages of dyeing with the help of natural material-based dyes. The most common colours used for Ajrak printing are Indigos and blues. These dyes are painted on carved wooden blocks which contain intricate designs and patterns. Earlier, this process required professional wood carvers, but over time and due to a larger demand for the product, a lot of men and women artisans have acquired the skill of wood carving and block printing.


  • Step 1:

The cotton cloth is thoroughly washed to rid it of starch, by soaking it in a solution of camel dung, soda ash and castor oil. It is then spread out and kept overnight. By the next morning, the cloth is semi-dry and the process is repeated once again. The process takes place about 7-8 times until the cloth foams when rubbed. After this for a final time, it is…

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