Would turquoise go better with pink?

Would turquoise go better with pink?

Hmm, I’d have to think

And let that thought sink

Oh, look we’re already heading nowhere

I’ll soon have nothing to share

You see, I’m actually better with prose

That’s the way it goes.

But I’ll still give it a try,

So tell me, where was I?

Would turquoise go better with pink?

Let’s decide that after a drink?

My mind’s a bit of a mess

That I must confess

It wanders and wanders

But trust me, it doesn’t saunter

It doesn’t just run but races – fast, faster, fastest

Trying hard to make me the best.

So I take time to make up my mind,

Bear with me, the answer I shall find.

Would turquoise go better with pink?

I told you, I can’t decide in a blink

Besides, I’m busy deciding other things

I jump from work to family to friends

Frankly, the list never ends

One thought finds another

Believe me, it’s quite a bother.

But let’s not go there, as

Then I’ll have too much to share.

I’ll just sit and choose

Who knows? The colours may bust those blues.

Would turquoise go better with pink?

I’ll tell you just what I think

A little bright, at first sight

But the pop is better than the mellow,

Yes, a pink is nicer than a yellow.

Did I just take a call?

One night and I did it all?

Wrote a poem, made a choice,

All I had to do was cut through the noise.

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