Slam books

When you’re feeling down,

Turn a few pages

Of that tiny blue book

Run your fingers on the doodles

Laugh at the childish cursive writing

Giggle at your friend’s favorite song

Be amused by your ‘Fond memories’

Oh how naive you both were!

Turn back a page

Pause for a moment

Read the promises,

The secrets, the jokes,

The vows.

Turn two more pages

Learn about your 8th grade self

Kind, fun-loving

Caring, sweet

Helpful, nice

Loving, gentle

Did you smile?

Oh, I bet you did.

You smiled at the innocence

That believed in eternities

You smiled at the goodness

That exuded genuineness

You smiled at the loyalty

That sprang from love

And on that gloomy day

You felt happy again

For, you became 13 again.

You realised

Adjectives were easier to choose

Lines were easier to read

Compliments were easier to take

And happiness was easier to find.

You felt happy again

For, you didn’t read between lines,

Look for hidden agendas

Or search for ulterior motives.

You felt happy again

For in that moment

You became the child you were

And didn’t remain the adult you are.

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