Granny Tales 101: Chapter 7

A hectic week has ensured I don’t write frequently. This month is bound to be that way since we are conducting art workshops in Chennai.

Since that is the primary thing on my mind at the moment, today’s story is about Dadi and my studio. My studio came into existence only since May this year. It was all my dad’s plan. He wanted to make a space for it and gallery too. And once Papa has made up his mind, there is no looking back. Nothing can change his decision. In hindsight though, most of these decisions have been for the better making me eat a humble pie.

Dadi was excited and skeptical about the coming up of the studio. She didn’t know how it was going to be. But she didn’t argue much. Her inquisitive mind, though, always sought answers to all her doubts from me or my sister or her sister. She was always the kind to give her blessings for anything her granddaughters wanted to do. We were her everything and she was ours. She had utmost faith in our abilities. It was unwavering.

Finally, when the studio was completed she was too old to climb two floors and see it. Dad had already thought up ways of taking her upstairs. He has brainstormed on how elevators can be constructed and so on. But nothing seemed to be working out. In the end, there was a solution that he found. A seat that could go up a railing and transport her to the second floor easily. At the time, it was a project in the pipeline, set to be unfurled later this year. Sadly, circumstances changed and that didn’t happen at all.

On the bright side though, I had the good fortune of showing Dadi all the photographs of the studio and the gallery while sitting next to her on her bed, during lunch one day. Her eyes widened as I zoomed into various aspects of the interiors and explained every minute detail. She was so happy. It was unimaginable to see a dilapidated terrace space transform itself into a beautiful art workspace.

I was glad she saw it. Never mind if it wasn’t all the way up, she still saw my workspace and that makes me happy. It has her blessings, always.

Tomorrow, as we embark on our first journey with my gallery, inviting people and conducting workshops and exhibitions, I know that she’s watching from up there. Her joy would know no bounds. She’s blessing us and while we wish she could have been here with us, we do know that there is someone who needs to make things go smoothly from up there and that someone is my Dadi.

That isn’t merely for my studio, but in life. I believe that she has gone up there to make things fall into place for us by watching out for us. She’s always there and we know it. Love you, dadi!

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