The Cloud Forest in Singapore is another place you must visit. You usually get a combined ticket for the Flower Dome and The Cloud Forest in Gardens by the Bay. While the whole set up is artificial, the greenery still draws you to it.

There are various levels, around six if I recollect correctly. You’re welcomed by a towering waterfall that drenches a curtain of plants, orchids and a variety of other flowers. It’s mighty height ensures that a little water splashes over you if you go closer. Again, it is temperature controlled, so it is slightly more chilly inside.

As you walk, you spot a variety of orchids, the rarer ones grow on the top most portion and it dwindles in the lower half. There is also a mini section where all the flowers are made of LEGO Blocks. Quite fascinating, I must say. It blends in so well that you will never realise that they’re made of LEGO!

The Forest also has a small pond where you have animals and birds sculpted out of tree-bark. The reflections in the water are stunning as they create a nice pattern.

There is an entire section dedicated to salt formations in caves. There are large structures of stalactites and stalagmites – two variations of structures depending on how they are formed, which are exhibited. You can read about how they are formed and some interesting facts about the largest structures and where they can be found across the world. Interestingly, some of the largest ones are found in the Himalayan region!

You also get to witness a show where you learn about the devastating impact of climate change due to pollution and poor waste management. The interactive display captures your attention and ensures you don’t get up mid-way. Children are bound to watch this documentary with rapt attention.

If you enjoyed the orchids, then you’ll enjoy the part where you get to observe micro-orchids that have been preserved behind glass enclosures with magnifying glasses to help you view their details.

There is a section where you get to read an explanation for the idea behind the Supertrees that dot the entire area – why they were constructed and what purpose they serve for nature. It is an effort to preserve the most well-known varieties of plants and flowers from across the world, which are fast dwindling due to mindless human activity. The science behind how these Supertrees are preserved is also explained.

On the whole, if you’re looking to delve deep into nature in all its beauty, then don’t miss out on The Cloud Forest.

2 thoughts on “THE CLOUD FOREST

  1. sphericalinsight says:

    Not all have a chance to earn a degree, some people are just brilliant that if they have their chances they can do a double PhD in record time but then at times things don’t turn up as they should have.

    Likewise, there are so many beautiful places to see in this world but not all have the chance to be at those places, some can cover a few, some may cover none.

    So, thank you for bringing this out…


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