#Veganuary: Day 5 (All meals)

It was Sunday. But I woke up rather early since I had a presentation to make. My mother made some crispy, hot dosas. This time I ate it with some dry yellow dal from this quaint restaurant in Alwarpet, Meena Tai’s. It’s got a nice spread with a cuisine that is completely different for the South Indian palate. I’d say, step in there and experience the refreshing flavours of authentic Maharastrian delicacies. 

I had a friend come over for lunch. So my mother made a bunch of pooris to go with a potato-onion-tomato gravy. It was splendid. Eating it while it’s hot is an unparalleled joy. 

Since some of these pooris were left. I decided to eat them for dinner. While my mother and I pondered over what vegan recipe we could dish out, we had our Eureka moment when we thought of making tacos out of pooris. 

So that’s exactly what I did. I put a base of vegan pesto, topped it with chopped tomatoes, put a slice of vegan cheese on it and slipped it into the oven. Once out after 25-30 seconds, I put some spicy potato chips on it for the added crunch. I recommend that you try it too. I think that the joy of making something new all by yourself, is what makes the whole process all the more exciting. πŸ™‚

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