#Veganuary: Day 2 (Breakfast, lunch, snack time)

Day 2: Breakfast, lunch and snack time.

Sorry for a late posting. There was too much work today. Anyway, here is today’s update.

Breakfast was podi dosa again. No change there. I am a killer for crispy, hot dosas and can have them for a lifetime. 

For lunch, we had a combination. My sister ordered some salad from Subway. It had only the mustard sauce and a little bit of chilli. It was healthy and delicious. 

My mother prepared phulkas (rotis) and cauliflower curry. It was thin gravy with peas and tomato. It is tangy and spicy and when paired with rotis, it leaves you asking for more. Then I had rice with yellow dal.

While I was full till my nose after lunch, by snack time I was again scrambling for something in my kitchen shelves. My sister and I then had multigrain bread with vegan Tomato pesto and vegan cheese. The pesto and cheese was a gift from some German friends. I am hoping to find them in Chennai too. 

Well, that’s all for now! See you soon!

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