Day #1: Blissful moments

I have been yearning for some ‘me’ time for ages. At home, there is always something or the other going on and the little calmness you get is perhaps only when you poop or shower. So, this travel was solely to give me the ‘alone’ time and family time. Not that I don’t spend enough time with family, but conversations get mundane when you discuss only work and news – which is essentially work again in my case. A breath of fresh air was needed where we went back to giggling at old times, poking fun at little things and doing typical ‘Maithreya’ family stuff. (My big, darling sister is missed, I must confess)

I got my own room with a balcony and a double-bed and couch. *happy me* There was also a television to entertain me if needed. I jumped on to my bed just to lie there and look up at the ceiling to savour blissful moments. That tingly feeling of excitement, when you can hear the birds chirp and leaves rustle. (Too poetic? Sorry, the creative mind is back in full swing!).

The view from the balcony is gorgeous. Tall trees, rugged barks, bright yellow flowers and misty hills on the left – nature just made everything so much more peaceful.

The view from my balcony. Warm yellows, vibrant greens and fiery oranges.

Summer speaks through colours. 

Lunch was simple – phulkas and dal makhani. After a short nap, I sat in the balcony and made a doodle of myself. And this is how it turned out. (If you like it, then you should stop by my instagram page : @phoenixinindia and check out my other artwork.)

My doodle of me!

In the evening, we went for a short stroll in the resort. It has a medium-sized pool and a serene fountain that appears like a waterfall. There is a TT table, a badminton net and a room for air hockey, carrom and other board games. An archery area is there, cutely nestled in a corner.

The walk made us thirsty enough for a tall glass of watermelon juice – no sugar, no ice. A plate of crispy cheese balls to go with it too. Quarter to 9 we returned to the room to watch some Hindi serials that mom and dad didn’t want to miss (yes, the little family things you do together).

Dinner was light too, with soup and a bowl of biryani and raita. Dad came up with a funny way to exercise and reduce our paunch – walking round each floor – 1, 2 & 3 – and taking the stairs instead of the elevator. A weird yet useful way to lose that belly fat!

The night was wonderful as I stretched in bed and made my doodle while listening to music and a short Skype call with a friend. Everything seemed perfect! Touch wood!

Until next time, stay tuned.

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