A good day is a day that has a little of everything and everyone I like and love. Art, history and culture is a part of this. I love visiting new places and seeing the historical monuments and paintings of the city or town.

A good day is also a calm day. A time when I am alone and just absorbed in the calmness and peace of nature. It brings inner peace and closure in many ways. Whether it is just watching misty mountains or watching the incessant beach waves, the feeling is unparalleled.

A good day is a day well spent with family and friends who you appreciate and whose company you love. They can make you smile in a jiffy and your problems are no longer existent.

Finally, a good day is when you are at a job doing what you love. A day filled with colour. A day filled with a little of everything that makes you happy. These pictures simply show the days I felt really happy, visiting new places and living each moment as it came.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Today Was a Good Day.”

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