Earth Day

Happy Earth Day to all my followers! While each of us realises how important it is to protect the Earth, not many of us do it. Let’s start with simple ways that can make a huge difference in the future. 

Cycle when you can or use the public transport. Well, walking is the best if it is a short distance.

Plastics really don’t make the Earth prettier. If you’re into fashion and style, why not give the Earth a makeover? Yes, I am talking cloth bags and recycled paper products.

The Earth is pretty jealous that we are not making use of the fresh air that she has to offer us. Why not make her happy and just enjoy what she offers rather than locking ourselves in tiny rooms with air conditioners which harm her?

The water keep the Earth senile. Calms her down. Save some for her? It could begin with closing the taps while you are brushing.

It isn’t too late to help the plants and tree that share your space on this planet. Harmony tops the list on Mother Earth’s wishes for today. How about making that wish come true and stopping the use of products which are animal tested?

Well, we are a new generation. We learn quick. We learn fast. Why not we learn to make changes in our life faster? That should do some good to everyone. The last thing we need is for the Earth to have a bad day on Earth Day!

If you have any ideas to share, feel free to share them below. More the better 🙂

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